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Good patern (must to read)

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Good patern (must to read)

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:33 am

Good pattern #1: The Glance

Glance is kind of a variation of the suicide charge, but it's a bit smarter. Say you're in a narrow hallway and there's an enemy there. You can charge him as if you're going straight towards him, but then continue going past him, and do a 180 degree turn, continuing to shoot him while you run backwards. Check out this animation:

The glance

This technique allows you to flank your enemy, and often works fabulously against players with slow reaction times, low pings, or low mouse sensitivities. The idea is that you run past them and do a 180 degree turn while you're going past them so you can keep shooting them while running backwards. The main important thing though is that you should only do this if you're already quite close to your enemy. If you try to do a glance from 50 feet away, you'll probably get mowed down before you even get close.

Good pattern #2: The Circle Strafe

I said before that you shouldn't charge your enemy head-on. So the obvious alternative then is to strafe while you shoot your enemy. This is all circle strafing really is. It means keeping your crosshair locked on your enemy while you hold left or right strafe.

The reason it's called circle strafe is that if you do this long enough around a stationary target, you'll go in a circle, as in this animation:

Pure circle strafe

Of course, in practice, nobody really runs full circles around other players. You might strafe for a while in one direction, and then strafe for a while in the other direction.

Good pattern #3: Side-to-side

In a close range fight, you have to move a lot to avoid getting shot up. The most popular movement pattern at close range is moving side to side really quickly as in this picture:

Side to side

When you are in a fierce 1v1 battle and you're both strafing side to side like this, hitting your enemy is going to become a lot more difficult. You can choose to move in a parallel or contrary motion. In parallel motion you match their movements- this is the idea behind strafe aiming. With contrary motion, you rely more on mouse movement.

Try to be unpredictable as well- after you do a bit of side to side, suddenly run out long to one side. You may even be able to force your enemy to move his mouse so far that he can't move it any more. If you want to make a long run to one side, try to kill your enemies while strafing from left to right. Why? Because if you're moving left to right, then your enemy will have to move their mouse right to left, and for most players who are right-handed, this is more difficult.

If they aren't sprinting or they aren't changing directions frequently, you can probably track their motion with your crosshair more or less exactly, like in the animation below:

If they have very fast movement, then try to track it as best as you can, but be VERY careful that you don't get into the pattern of flicking your cursor and overshooting your target, because then this will happen:

It's better to keep your crosshair limited to a range of motion which you can control more easily, so what you should try to do is this:

With this last picture, you can see my crosshair really isn't moving that much horizontally. (Sorry about the wobbling up and down, this is my l33t paint shop pro skills at work). At the far left or far right of the enemy's motion, my crosshair is barely even lined up on the enemy. But this is OK, it will still count as a bodyshot, and at least I can keep things under control.


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Re: Good patern (must to read)

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:39 am

ok Very Happy that was good post Razz gj west wing


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