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Please Read - ZT Tournament 'Scandal'

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Please Read - ZT Tournament 'Scandal'

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 31, 2009 9:42 pm



http://zerot.ucoz.com/forum/10-170-1 (2 Pages)




So that [ZT] VADE can't say other things happened..

Basically me and my clan signed up to this Tournament as most of you probably know, we won our first two matches and when it came to the final - Vade decides to kick pArfeCt out of the Tournament for not being a clan, those of you who know me or my clan, or know that my clan has been around since september, or just mildly care about this situation - please post your Opinion in the 3rd Topic (the only one that Vade hasn't locked), because this is really unfair and untruthful to kick a clan out of a tournament for not being a "Clan".. Which we are and most of you probably know this. To all of you I know, hope you support us with this ;] Nice to see most of you again too :]

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Re: Please Read - ZT Tournament 'Scandal'

Post  {GTB} Granny on Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:31 am

Art I haven't read the links you posted but I do have something to say on this subject.

I think you are a great guy and have had some good times with you over the last few years.


You draw unnecessary attention and suspicion on yourself and anyone who asscociates themselves with you by constantly changing names/clans/tags.

Please, and I ask you this as a friend (albeit a cyber friend) get yourself a name/clan/tag and stick with it.

As for Vade, I have talked with him many times and he has never given me any reason to think he is anything other than a nice guy.

In fact I think his enthusiasm and commitment to running such tournaments should be commended by everyone in the Enemy Territory community whether their clan partcipates or not.

{GTB} Granny

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Re: Please Read - ZT Tournament 'Scandal'

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:00 pm

Well, vade deleted all of the complaints anyways Wink But it's not a problem.

Gran I know we switch clan name a lot - Basically when my team compete in NQ events such as this, we are known as pArfeCt, when we compete in ETPro events, we are known as xZist. We did a while back get a sort of sponsor from a team called TG, where my team just played with their tag and we could use their warservers / ventrilo. I know we switch around alot and I remember all other times vade being a nice enough guy, but this just went out of hand, he's never seen us with any other tags - Hopefully (and not) you will see him do something along the lines of this too, and realise his issues.. Because he has removed all of the complaints made by me or others (even members of his own clan) explaining that he has taken this too far and that we are a clan. I personally would post the logs of him chatting with me on xfire but I doubt it is in anyone's best interests. Cya all soon, if I hear anything about another NQ Cup / Tournament hosted by anybodt other than ZT, I'll give you guys a shout ;] and a special thanks to Fireol to signing my clan up to a few other cups =D


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Re: Please Read - ZT Tournament 'Scandal'

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