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Something Screwy Going On

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Something Screwy Going On

Post  {GTB} Reaper on Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:43 pm

We have new players walking away from the server and I don`t blame them.

Let me explain as I have seen it myself -

The bots when hit go down, and when hit head on with a Panzer disintegrate, but players can get hit smack on and just bounce away and then kill you with a couple of shots. Shaggy is getting really pissed of with getting the drop on a player emptying half a clip in them just for them to turn around and with 2 bullets kill him. As I say I have seen this myself Darth got the drop on me emptied half a clip in my back I turned around and wasted him with 3 bullets. I have put a Panzer in 1 player for him to disintegrate
and then in another for him to walk away.

It`s not down to Computer spec as I am running 20meg broadand a quad core processor,4 gig of memory and a dual 1gig of memory graphics card and a low ping and I know of others with same spec computers having the same problems in the game.

It`s as if some players at times are invincible and that's not good for the server.

Don`t know what if anything can be done but has anyone got any ideas as the server needs new players and new players that will come back time after time.
{GTB} Reaper

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Re: Something Screwy Going On

Post  Guest on Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:06 pm

that explains why i got pwnd!


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Re: Something Screwy Going On

Post  {GTB} Granny on Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:28 pm

Thanks for such a detailed post.

I wish there was a definitive answer for me to give you but for the life of me I can't think why that should ever happen.

The only time any player is invincible is for 3 seconds after spawning or being revived.

This allows any player to orient himself and get back into the fight.

I haven't made any changes to the way the game is played in that respect and have never seen any thing in any of the commands that are available that could make a player invincible.

Apart from a few custom skinpacks and messages that appear on the screen, the game is standard NoQuarter specs.

The bots we have are completely customized by me though, in the fact that I have made them virtually blind by narrowing their field of view and adjusting the X - Y axis of their aim.

This is why sometimes they run past you without doing anything, they just haven't seen you.

I have only done this because of the complaints I was getting about how good they were.

I would imagine anyone who runs a server with bots enabled has had this problem.

On a side note, I am hoping to get NQ 1.2.3 running pretty soon on the main server, that will enable us to have an update of the bots to 0.71 which is apparently much better.

Hopefully though, it wont be too long before we can get rid of them completely.

The Clan is making a bit more progress now with regular players and recruitment of members and I can't see any reason for that to decline, we are a nice bunch of guys and girls that welcome visitors on a stable clean server.

If you are interested, the scrim server is running NQ 1.2.3 at the minute and I am working on a few problems to get it sorted.

The problem is that Punkbuster have not updated to accomodate it so it cannot be enabled with that mod at the minute.

Hopefully that wont take long.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful with the initial problem.

{GTB} Granny

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Re: Something Screwy Going On

Post  {GTB} URmS on Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:11 am

Perhaps it's happening because the game is really old and doesn't support powerful computers. I know my PC is a piece of crap and other players easily mop the floor with me. I don't think messing around with settings is a great idea though as many players i know have had to reinstall the game after altering some cvars. reinstalling is quite easy and can be done in a couple of minutes but many settings and files like ETkey might get lost in the progress.


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Re: Something Screwy Going On

Post  Guest on Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:22 am

what you say about the game is old --> i know one reason why it could be, if you buy a new pc, you automaticly get windows vista and this program holds on ET, but theyre is a solution, because i had the same problem,... it can be fixed but most kids will not now how to do that, my et is totally changed to my settings its been like 3 to 4 years that i had to reinstall... the second point is if players like shaggy and others come play and theyre good players online they easely go away i saw it sometimes when i was playing, he couldnt stand it that i was pwning the sh*t out of him with 5to 10 bullets, then they get a death spree, automaticly they take a bazooka or panzer,... its harder for me that weapon but theyre are ways to overpower that weapon, and still pwn them and thats why they leave also sometimes, the good ones cant help it that they get killed easely... its just experience and better settings... Shocked


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Re: Something Screwy Going On

Post  {GTB} URmS on Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:40 am

Look at my experience, i still suck at it Razz


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Re: Something Screwy Going On

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