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{GTB} Forum Rules.

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{GTB} Forum Rules.

Post  {GTB} Granny on Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:30 am

1) English only to be used.

2) Recruiting is not permitted.

3) No Racism.

4) Bad language is (Not welcome) but accepted here. Abuse is not !

5) If you have been kicked/banned from the server there is no point in ranting about it. I promise that will get you nowhere.
Make a polite request to be unbanned in the appropriate forum with your explanation and we will consider lifting the ban.

6) Any abuse of {GTB} staff will get you banned from the forum and the server.
They either pay or give up their time so you can have fun.

7) Do not waste your time spamming your server or anything else on this forum. It is much easier for us to delete your posts than it is for you to create them, don't bother.

8) Three months of inactivity on this forum will result in your account being deleted and any levels you have acquired on the server being removed.

9) Do Not ask for your admin level to be raised. Admins are voted for by current admins as and when we need another one.

I would be grateful if You could go by your in-game name on the forum.

It saves my tired old brain having to figure out who is saying what about a particular event or person.

My memory isn't what it used to be !

{GTB} Granny

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Age : 48
Location : Bristol, England
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