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Scrim Requests - Please Read.

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Scrim Requests - Please Read.

Post  {GTB} Granny on Tue Aug 12, 2008 2:44 pm

Will all Clans submitting requests please note that any times stated will be considered to mean GMT.

Like you, we have members from all over the world here, and to save any confusion we will use GMT seeing as this is an English server.

Please also note that our scrim server runs with:

ETPro 3.2.6

Heavy weapons, mines and rifle nades are disabled.
15 second spawn times.
XP resets after each map.
Friendly fire is on. (You can damage your team mates)

The {GTB} Scrim Server IP is

This is a 12 slot server so 6 v 6 is the maximum.

Our War Orga will provide you with the password at least two hours before the start of any scrim unless you request it earlier.

No Spectators are allowed.

You may choose any well known map for the scrim, please arrange this with our War Orga {GTB} Pr3dAt0r who must agree to the maps.

Any request to have anything on our scrim server changed must be given to me here on the forum and by PM at least three days in advance of any scrim.

Your whole team will arrive on time for the scrim please, so will ours.

We do not use the console in our scrims as we have Team Speak.

If needed, our Captain (and only our Captain) will speak to your Captain via console.

Any insults or unwanted comments in the console from either team may result in the scrim being cancelled.

If you receive abuse from any {GTB} member or admin, please provide me with a screenshot and they will be dealt with immediately.

If we win we will thank you for the game, if we lose we will congratulate you.

Please show the same respect to {GTB} players.

Good Luck

{GTB} Granny

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Age : 48
Location : Bristol, England
Registration date : 2008-07-10


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